Once you place an order, it is automatically logged in our system. We will use the contact info you provided on checkout to contact you before we sign-in on your account. This is just so we don't log you out of your account while enjoying the game. When we are on your account, we immediately start working on the service you purchased. When we are done, we will also notify you by the same contact method.

We do our best to complete all orders within 24hrs of payment. Some services may require a longer time but we'll constantly keep you updated with the progress made on the account.

Yes you definately can! All you have to do is provide our support team with your order number and the updated information! If for some reason you change your mind, you can also change the service you ordered to a different one of the same price by contacting us.

We take your account's security very seriously. It's completely understandable that you're scared a complete stranger will login on your account but our reputation means everything to us and our boosters have a very strict policy to not tamper with your account's general settings. While we will use an Item Manager to move items around or making space in inventory, we will never infuse armor or weapons without permission.

We occasionally ofer discounts on certain products or larger orders.

If you order a Trials of Osiris carry or recovery you are GUARANTEED to go flawless that weekend.

Need help?

Contact us via E-MAIL or DISCORD - BoostingSpace#9953